How long does it take a tattoo to heal?
Simple line tattoos take about 10 days to heal. Larger shaded pieces can take around two weeks. Either way, it will start scabbing and peeling, some ink will shed. It will be itchy. This is normal. Do not scratch, but wash with hot water and apply lotion, aquaphor or specially formulated tattoo balm.

What is the healing process?
Hygiene and moisture are essential. Keep it out of direct sunlight, still water and only wash with clean hands, no rag or loofah. Wash AT LEAST twice a day with hot running water. To relieve itching and promote faster healing, moisturize with fragrance free lotion, preferably aquaphor. NO vaseline, coconut oil, or shea butter on a new tattoo! Vitamin E oil and almond oil acceptable.

How can I book?
Artist may be contacted directly, or use the booking page on this site.
email: matterbotattica [at] gmail.com

Does it hurt?
Depends where on the body, everyone’s nervous system is wired differently. In general, arms are the least painful, feet are the most painful. Wherever there are bones, there will be pain. Numbing cream can be applied for an extra fee.

Can I host an event at your place?
Probably, depending on your organization skills and history. Send an email outlining event itinerary, and what goods and services you will be offering or promoting. I will help however I can, but no guarantees. The event must be pitched at least three weeks in advance for proper planning and promotion.

Can I bring in my own design?
Yes! Our artists will take as much creative control as allowed. If you do not have a design, one can be made through consultation.

Can you fix my old tattoo?
Yes, we just need to see it and discuss what can be done. Sometimes touch-ups can be necessary, especially with old or poorly done work. If you get new work done, the old fix-up can be added in, at a discounted rate.

How much do tattoos cost?
Our minimum is $50 for something small and simple like a name or symbol. The price goes up depending on size, complexity and amount of colors used. Mreeuh’s hourly rate is $120. For larger pieces with color, the tattoo can be split into sessions scheduled weeks apart: linework and shading done in the first session, color added in the second session once the tattoo has healed. Payment would also be split into sessions.

Should I tip?
Tipping is always appreciated but not expected. Tattoos are typically priced at increments of 50 or 20, so the tip should be an in between-portion that reflects your satisfaction. Whatever you can do, will come back to you in good fortune.

Will colors show up?
A thin layer of skin grows over the tattoo, so if you are darker skinned, the healed tattoo will slightly reflect your hue. Our artists are skilled and knowledgeable in the application of ink and can make bright colors show up on darker skin.