Planets Plan It

Nothing gets done without deep focus, even while multi-tasking. Uninterrupted immersion on one task at a time is key to seeing things through completion, or at least measurable progress. The lifestyle of creative entrepreneurship requires one to wear many hats, playing various roles. Even if you are in one industry, the different opportunities and responsibilities within that field can make anyone who serious about their craft, a wide-ranged individual. If you own a business, work is never done. There are no days off and all the overtime you can get. The to-do list will always exceed the number of hours in which completion is possible. Stay dreaming, stay working. 

Time is not linear, but exists in multitudes that come full circle, overlapping on other trajectories based on plural realities. We overestimate what we can do in a month and underestimate what we can do in a year. Plan some, improvise some, but everything is not in your hands all of the time. “It will never work out exactly how you want, and if it does, don’t trust it. It’s the devil.” Dame Dash one said on an interview. 

Astrology captivates me because it’s a map of time, based on star positions and personality archetypes. A new moon in virgo comes two weeks after a full moon in pisces. A new moon is a sun-moon conjunction. Virgo-pisces are opposites. Plus, It’s always changing. Do you ever look up at a swiftly shrinking moon and wonder where the week went? It went from gibbous to crescent because that what’s a week does on a spinning planet.

Time management, just like an exercise routine, can increase performance when you switch it up. In the gym, it’s considered body confusion. In the office or studio, it’s a shifting your hours. Sectioning off your time is puzzling at first, especially if it is made of parts that contradict, seem to have nothing to do with each other, or utilize completely different modes. A big challenge is shifting gears from one mode of thinking like problem-solving and repetition to a creative mode that encourages you to deviate, take risks, daydream new possibilities. The same frame of mine required to organize your space is a different setting than being on the floor, present for clients. You need time and space for it all. Going from getting rid of things, to research to maintenance to managing inventory, communicating with customers, marketing, branding design, etc, most entrepreneurs work nonstop, doing a little bit of everything.

Before being able to create a stricter regime for my hours, I lived on the planetary week for about a year or so. It is based of the ruling planet for each day. When you observe the etymological root of all of the names of the week, it corresponds with the planet. 

Monday – Moon – Luna – Lunes 
Tuesday – Mars – Marte – Martes
Wednesday – Mercury – Mercurio – Miercoles
Thursday – Jupiter – Júpiter – Jueves
Friday – Venus – Venus – Viernes 
Saturday – Saturn – Saturno – Sabado
Sunday – Sun – Sol – Domingo 

Based on the ruling planet for the day, I dedicate that day for doing tasks that correlate with the themes of that planet. 

Monday – Moon 
Writing, Reading, Meditation, Yoga, Planning, Quiet time, Introspection

Tuesday – Mars
Art for clients, Business decisions, Signing contracts, Meetings, Drawing, Tattooing

Wednesday – Mercury
Emails, Errands, Packaging and Shipping, Grocery shopping, Inventory, Meetings

Thursday – Jupiter
Branding, Promotion, Sales, Marketing, Publishing, Designing, Merchandising

Friday – Venus
Art for self, Leisure, Self-care, Friendships, Grooming, Priorities and Values

Having a overall agenda for each day helps me keeps the wheel spinning, since my lifestyle has many different parts. Nothing will get done if you’re thinking about all of it at once. Taking things one day at a time without fretting tomorrow or regretting yesterday is the way to go. Naturally there will be some glitches and lapses, sometimes Tuesday type tasks get done on Monday, then you have to catch up on Monday chores another day. Then there are the hours you have to account for, within the days. No matter what, each day takes on the direction of its ruling planet, so the galaxy may be contained in a week.



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