How to Get Unstuck

The comfort zone is a nest of stagnation. Change, growth, evolution is each person’s birthright and mission. You’re not supposed to stay in the same place, same thinking pattern, doing the same things. Yes there is power in repetition, but the kind of repetition that creates waves of progress through steady improvement, not doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Movement isn’t always progress and sometimes it looks like nothing. Sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan or match our preferences, but that doesn’t mean like life isn’t working for us. This is a bullet point list designed to help me and others who may feel like me at the moment.

  • Identify blockages, obstacles, negative habits. If you don’t have clearly defined goals, it may be because something that stands in direct opposition of your desires is taking up your time, energy and money. Habits reveal priorities, there is no secret that behavior does not reveal. If you feel stuck in life, that means you are admitting that something that you are doing is not working. Something is draining your energy, blocking a stream of motivation. You know what it is! It may be more than one thing, start with the easiest thing to quit. Know your temptations and limits. Set new limits. Wage war against your distractions. Weakness and laziness towards your negative programming will slowly destroy your life.
  • Dig deep within. Why is it so hard to overcome these things that feel good but are no good for us? How is the gratification too irresistible to delay into a reward that we will feel better about later? What happened to you, that shrunk the bigger picture and stole the hope out of your future? Seems contradictory, but doing what we desire can be a challenge if you don’t feel deserving. Trace the habit or pattern down to where it started. Addictions and survival tactics occur when a person is trying to escape or fix a problem, long after the problem is over. Trauma has no expiration date and can grip a person’s mind and self-concept into a static time capsule, in which the person who holds the memories, recreates the same storyline because they are afraid to let it go, afraid to become greater than what the past showed them. How did your negative pattern or habit start? Who influenced you? Were they correct? Does it serve you? Does it honor your highest potential? Once you shed the origins of the negative, you can in the opposite direction to find the positive. Surface-level bandaging won’t help. Sometimes you have to dig to pull, don’t be afraid to confront the dirty skeletons. Then, you can clearly define your goals and purpose.
  • Take massive action. This is a phrase Tony Robbins loves to say. Take massive action, get into your body, motion creates emotions. Nothing will happen if you just sit there. Bring your physical body into it, to make it real, to feel it and make it tangible. Once you align your thoughts with your intentions, you can align behaviors with your intentions. There are certain goals that you won’t be able to achieve without purifying and building up the physical body. Build the body required for the lifestyle you seek. The physical body is a vehicle that requires constant nourishment, movement and rest.  You live inside of it until you die. In the meantime, make it count and use it, don’t abuse it.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy. Have fun. You can take your life seriously without being serious. Purpose should not be compromised at the expense of personal happiness, but both should remain together. If you’re successful and miserable, are you really successful? Laughter, comfort, pleasure and a sense of lightness does not have to deter from work but actually make it easier. Also, happiness is magnetic. No one wants to be around someone with a bad attitude or a negative outlook. Good customer service and effective relationships will require you to manage your emotions. No matter what is going out outside, around you, no matter what anyone is doing or has done to you, your sense of happiness is your sole responsibility. Life is hard and unfair to everyone but meant be enjoyed as much as possible.
  • Be grateful. The tireless cliché of thankfulness is tried and true because it works. Gratitude solves most existential woes. Gratitude is taking inventory for what you have, what you want, and attracts more of what makes you feel good. It keeps you humble and makes you deserving. It closes the holes in which the illusion of loss may seep. Loss is an illusion because they are a result of expectation. Expectation for what has not happened yet or did not happen the way you wanted to, causes suffering because the person is attached to a reality that is not there. Everyone is led my delusions to an extent. Why not subscribe to an empowering delusion, one that claims that goodness and glory are on the way? Our delusions create self-fulfilling prophecies because life is happening for us, not to us, in ways we cannot fathom.
  • Help someone else. To teach is to learn twice, to give is to multiply joy. It’s important to not confuse service with empty generosity. I’m not talking about the kind of energy that wants to help and critiques everyone else without looking at themselves, or gives to receive and constantly brings up what they gave, in order to get. True generosity asks for nothing and good service is a pleasure and privilege to both. It creates value through recognizing value in others. I think God designed humans in such a way that one has a problem while another has a solution. And the one with the solution has a problem that another person has the solution to. My point is, we are stronger together. Personalities widen perspective. Competition can be constructive. Dissolve pettiness, don’t keep score but be honest with yourself about how other people make you feel. Are you building resentment through unrealistic expectation? To give is its own reward. Helping others feels good because it reflects the nature of abundance. It takes you out of your own head and minimizes the weight of your own burdens. To have much is a responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be a dreadful obligation but a wise advantage in bringing balance into your world. Do you believe the world is safe enough to trust others? What relationships are important to you? How can you improve your relationships?
  • Do something different. Surrender to the beginner’s mind. Look to the past to see what you have done before, and prove the exception to your own standard. Explore and let yourself be wrong. Go away from your usual environment or setting. Deviate. Take risks. Study your own patterns and invert them. Use a different color, redraw your logo, forget the past. Don’t hold onto mistakes because everyone has them, learn from them. Live as if you have an old life you refuse to go back to. This way, those lessons were not learned in vain.


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