i   l e t   m y   s t o r i e s   b r e a t h e   b e f o r e   i   s h a p e   t h e m   w i t h   m y   f i n g e r s   w i t h   t h i s   t h i n g   c a l l e d   l a n g u a g e .

stories are like delicate soufflés that need some air,
the backbone of the story is the stuff you cannot put into words,
how you can




what you share and when.

my theory of writer’s block is that the story requires your perspective of it to mature before you try to put it in your words.

words are often inadequate.
a word for this is called “procrastinate”
but i prefer the word “premeditate.”

that way i’m not reacting.
but deeply centered, and
since i can only do to others
what i have done for myself,
it deeply centers the reader.

this is what i seek to achieve.

how can i know that something can stand the test of time if i do not test it with time?



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