Matter Botattica is an eclectic creative studio, designed by artists for artists, to heal, transform and thrive. Designed to strengthen a client’s personal willpower and encourage connection to life’s magic, this space consists of an art gallery, tattoo studio and sundry shop.

Hours vary, we work mainly by appointment but will take walk-ins and consultations throughout the week, everyday except Sunday and Monday.

The front room is a retail store with handmade apothecary goods and exclusive art-printed merchandise. Original paintings adorn the walls. The back room is the tattoo lounge. For openings or upcoming special events like a pop-up, reading, seminar or exhibition, check the calendar or sign up to the newsletter.


Matter is a verb and a noun: to have significance, or referring to physical substance.

Botattica is a combination of the words “botanica” + “tattoo”.

The lotus flower logo spells out the word “MATTER”, representing the manifestation of purity and transcendence of enlightenment. Growing in mud, floating above the water, in the world, but not of it. A tattoo is temporarily painful but permanently transforms the person who wears it. Growth and evolution can be uncomfortable. Intentional pain reduces prolonged suffering. Matter Botattica believes all suffering can be alchemized into strength, beauty, and peace.

Matter Botattica was founded in 2017 by Mreeuh. She has been tattooing for eight years, loves fruit and flowers and wants the very best for her clients. Mreeuh was born and raised in Atlanta, lived in Miami and is now based in Cincinnati. Main Street in OTR is one of her favorite places in the world. A visual thinker and master interpreter, she pulls from a wide range of styles to create a unique design that elaborately represents the client’s message. Wildlife, animals and ornamental decor are her strong suits. She believes it is an honor to tattoo someone. Tattooing is an exhilarating procedure, personal transformation and sacred way for a person to reclaim their body. Each piece is not just a creation but a collaboration between client and artist.