T: 12pm – 7pm
W: 12pm – 7pm
F: 2pm – 9pm
S: 2pm – 9pm

The shop is open for walk-ins when the curtains are open.
If they are half-way open, I am half-way in the mood, try your luck.

Matter Botattica is an ever-evolving fine art + tattoo studio located on Main Street in Over The Rhine, Cincinnati where Mreeuh first learned how to tattoo in 2010.

MATTER” is a verb and a noun: to have significance, or referring to physical substance.
A matter of the heart, does it matter?

BOTATTICA” combines the words “botanica” + “tattoo”.

The lotus flower logo spells out the word “MATTER”, representing the manifestation of purity and transcendence of enlightenment. Growing in mud, floating above the water, in the world, but not of it. A tattoo is temporarily painful but permanently transforms the person who wears it. Growth and evolution can be uncomfortable. Intentional pain reduces prolonged suffering. Matter Botattica believes in the mind body and soul connection, and exists to guide those through emotional trauma through physical transformation and the triumph of creativity.

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